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Your daughter's reproductive freedom is on the line. She can't afford to have you sit this election out.

She needs you to show up for pro-choice candidates.She needs you to hit the doors.

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October 8th

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October 15th

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October 22nd

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Lindsey Port

Mom, wife, progressive organizer, DFL-endorsed running for re-election in MN SD55

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Erin Maye Quade

Advocacy Director at Gender Justice,

DFL-endorsed candidate for MN SD56

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Clarice Grabau

Mom, teacher, northfield City Councilor.

DFL-endorsed andidate for MN SD58.

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Heather Gustafson

Mom, educator, and organizer . DFL-Endorsed Candidate for MN SD36.

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Judy Seeberger

Teacher, paramedic, trial lawyer,mom, and a military wife. DFL-endorsed candidate for MN SD41.

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Kari Rehrauer

Coon Rapids City Council, Teacher, Organizer, Mom.DFL_endorsed candidate for MN SD35

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Nancy McLean

Healthcare provider, small business owner, activist and mom. DFL-endorsed candidate for MN SD33

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Who we are

We're dads in Minnesota who care about our daughters' autonomy and future.

Dads on the Doors


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